Thursday, April 9, 2015

Project Payday Affiliate Review 2015

Years ago I got an email from a friend of mine asking me if I've ever heard of a company called project payday. At the time I hadn't so they sent me a link I watched a video was super interested then entered my name and email to join. To complete your registration and become a affiliate you have to complete at least one offer free or paid (at the time a lot of them where talking about free trials that required a credit card and I didn't have one so I left and never came back although they continued sending me emails for other opportunities for years on.)
So now jump to the present April 2015. I am looking through my emails and I see one from Project Payday reminding me of my login information.I figured hey I haven't been on there in awhile I'm shocked they're still going lets see what's new. So I login, watch the first video I see. (They're showing a testimonial video received from 2006! I watch it and the guy is talking about how he made $400 in his first day and how its so easy and all this. I browse through the list of offers even though I'm still a little skeptical and I come across one for Credit Sesame get your
FREE credit score with Credit Sesame
I click on it and go create a Credit Sesame account. I entered my information get my credit score and BAMM I'm done! NO CREDIT CARD INFORMATION, NO FREE TRIALS THAT YOU HAVE TO RACE TO CANCEL BEFORE THEY CHARGE YOUR CARD. CHECKING YOUR CREDIT WITH CREDIT SESAME IS 100% FREE WITH PROJECT PAYDAY AS OF 04/09/2015 (JUST IN CASE YOU'RE READING THIS LATER AND THEY'RE NOT DOING THE OFFER ANYMORE) BUT AS OF APRIL 2015 It's still going. So now what I want to tell you is this: "I FIGURED OUT HOW THE "GURU'S" AND PEOPLE IN THE TESTIMONIALS MAKE MONEY. BY SHOWING YOU A VIDEO OF SOMEONE TELLING YOU ABOUT THEIR RESULTS WITH THE COMPANY, THEN YOU *THE PERSON REALLY INTERESTED IN LEARNING THE SECRET TO SUCCESS TAKE OVER THE THOUGHTS THAT IF THEY CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT TOO, which you CAN it is VERY possible. The only thing is they NEVER actually tell you HOW they made $200-$400 in their first day or week of joining they just try to tell you it's easy but if you didn't know what to do than it would require a learning curve."
I'm here to help you, by taking away all of the "fluff" "junk" "lies" "deceit" that people feed you just to help themselves earn a commission. Yes I need to earn commissions to LIVE because I don't work a job, I do network and affiliate marketing and real estate investing for a living. But like any other boss or leader I want to show people how the 1% in affiliates are really making it. So that you can obtain and learn some of those same skills to make money online. I have figured out the way to actually do it and be successful it took some time but I got it now, and I'm ready to share these golden nuggets of success with you.
Here's what I want you to do, click on the banner at the bottom of this post, join with your name and email address *must be a valid email* and complete the Credit Sesame offer; it doesn't require any credit card information etc. Wait about 30 mins to 24 hours for the offer to complete and your Project Payday account to become active then you're ready to start earning money as an AFFILIATE of the company. You get paid $1.50 starting out PER LEAD you bring them which means
YOU MAKE MONEY WHEN PEOPLE ENTER THEIR NAME EMAIL ADDRESS AND CREATE AN ACCOUNT. The people who enter their info DO NOT have to complete registration for you to get paid.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Showing you LUXURY to Sell you a DREAM!!

Alright if you stuck around long enough to look through those pictures in order to see what I had to say then AWESOME for you and me!! Do you want to make money from home? Are you a stay at home mom who wants to make more money for you and your family without having to leave your kids at some daycare? Are you injured and can't work a normal job? Or do you like your job but you just want to make a few extra hundred per month? I might have whats for you! Watch this video below! Seem like something that you'd like to do? Become an Independent Business Owner for only $8 Email me for more info chauntill_porter@yahoo.com Heard all you need to? Join me by clinking the link below! Livedrive Cloud Storage

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Leads For Your Online Business Made Simple? (Little Ticket to Wealth Review)

Hello all who actually take time out of their precious day to come see what I've written about! :) Are you in an internet business such as (MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales) and struggling because you need leads? Every successful business survives off of traffic and leads especially sales, if you owned a sandwich shop on the crappiest corner in a low rate neighborhood and didn't have a lot of foot traffic walking or driving past your shop how would they know it was there? Face to face marketing, flyers, postcards, door hangers, drop cards or word of mouth advertising. Now with online type of marketing business people think they have leads if they have a few hundred followers on Twitter or Friends on Facebook and they end up spamming the majority of them and end up in Facebook Jail or Twitter Jail its not a very good look on you as a marketer or the company you promote for. I'm one of those people that it takes awhile before I decide to do something especially if it involves my time and money because I don't like to waste either one of those they are very precious to me. A few months ago I was looking into getting involved in an Internet Marketing business because I realized that was the only way I would be able to accomplish my long term goals (We'll get into those goals in another post). Its not that I'm looking to get rich quick I'm willing to give up all of my free and fun time now so that in my mid/late 20s early 30s when I'm ready to marry and start a family me and my husband finanically want for NOTHING and that's always been the plan. I found a company called Little Ticket to Wealth the whole thing behind Little Ticket To Wealth is that they offer leads for such businesses. When I first started looking into it they had 2 plans the $5 monthly plan(one time fee of $50) and they $20 monthly plan ($200 one time fee) and with these plans you got (50,000 leads and 500 targeted leads for people looking for home based business opportunites) and for the $20 plan (200,000 leads and 2,000 targeted buyer leads) I thought this was absoulutely amazing because any Network Marketer who's starting out with no experience can fail due to lack of traffic and leads! The other amazing thing about LTTW is that they offer you leads monthly AND you can become an affiliate of their company as well so you can really maximize your income and you receive 100% commissions with their compensation plan its like a win win! Now I'm not writing this blog post to convince you to join Little Ticket to Wealth under me (I'm not currently a member) I'm writing it to tell you that if you are struggling there is a way to change that and actually be able to create some success in this industry. I have done countless hours of research trying to make sure its not a scam and that the leads are good and to make sure they aren't just spamming peoples emails, addresses and phone numbers with offers that they have no interest in I have found nothing that says there's anything wrong with their company and their leads only have I read good things. In February 2013 they celebrated their 4 year anniversary I believe and in honor of that they changed up the plans a little bit and added another plan the $50 ($5 montly plan) went up and is now $100 one time fee and you get 101,000 leads 1,000 of those being targeted buyer leads. the $20 monthly plan remained the same and they added the $400 one time fee ($40 monthly and you get 400,000 leads and I'm not sure how many targeted buyer leads you receive but it sounds good to me. If you have any concerns or want more info you really can look on youtube and find success stories I've seen some people online making a killing with it and I can't wait to join myself. I'm still new at marketing so I won't join until I'm fully comfortable with my current company. I hope you got all you were looking for in this "review" of Little Ticket to Wealth! Share your experiences with the company in the comments below I'd love to hear them! Also check out the company that I am an affiliate for see if it might be something you're interested in! -Chauntill P. Livedrive Cloud Storage

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Live Drive Affiliate Program Review | Is Live Drive Affiliate Program An...

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Friday, June 28, 2013

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Online Hustle. Affiliate Marketing

Livedrive Cloud Storage Looking for the right Affiliate Marketing/ Multi-level Marketing or Network Marketing Company? Look NO further! Watch the Video below it explains it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3c4pu2KtPqI Welcome to LiveDrive! Join for as little as $8 and make up to $200 commission on each and EVERY sale! Ready to join? Shoot me an email and I will give you the instructions to sign up. Chauntill Porter (469)238-0386 babyc20@gmail.com Kik: @tillyzah_boss Instagram: @tillyzah_boss Twitter: @tillyzah_baddie

Make GOOD Money Online!!!

In this day and age almost everybody is struggling to make money, one job is not enough to pay all the bills. Its impossible to live comfortably on minimum wage! I myself have been looking into ways to make money online for some months now, and I believe I finally found a few programs that will help me achieve my ultimate goal of becoming "Debt FREE"! I owe money on a car loan, college loans, credit card bills and I haven't even moved out of my parents house yet (Yeah I know its bad right?) well within the next month I will be saying Goodbye to the days of struggling and hello to peace and serenity! The company that I'm going to tell you about in this post is the one that I believe will be maybe the most lucrative because of its compensation plan and the way that you get paid, now I must say that some people are going to shy away because you only get paid monthly but don't let that part scare you, think of it this way..(with such a low start up cost/monthly membership and an amazing commission structure you will be more motivate to make as much as you possibly can and that very next month if you worked really hard and promoted it in the best way possible than the check will be so good you'll be able to live off of it until the next months check came in.) Livedrive Cloud Storage The company is called LiveDrive they offer software that backs up the files on your computer and you can view the files from anywhere in the world from your smartphone. You can join with a free trial or just jump in and pay the $8 to join and it will be $8 per month there after. When you refer someone to sign up you will make a whopping $200 commission!! Think you read that wrong? I'll say it again Everytime you refer a new member LiveDrive pays you a commission of $200. Do I have your full undivided attention now? How you get PAID You will paid every month via Paypal or Direct deposit The Catch: If you are currently in any other internet/network marketing businesses you need to pay very close attention YOU CAN NOT PROMOTE THIS COMPANY LIKE YOU PROMOTE OTHERS SUCH AS MCA,EMPOWER NETWORK,VEMMA, WAKE UP NOW ETC IF YOU SPAM YOUR AFFILIATE LINK ON YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES YOU CAN BE BANNED FROM THE COMPANY AND LOSE ANY UNPAID/PENDING COMMISSIONS! The way you promote their company is important to them so you need to respect it if you want to be apart of it. So no posting links on any social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus, youtube etc. You must treat this company as a special invite only type of thing and you'll do great. I'm just starting out and I'm very excited to start collecting some "Big boy checks" as my boyfriend calls them lol If you want more info watch the Youtube video posted below and if you'd like to join their after shoot me an email and I can help you through the steps!! Look forward to working with you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3c4pu2KtPqI My contact information: Chauntill Porter email: chauntill_porter@yahoo.com phone: Text me @ (469)238-0386 Facebook me www.facebook.com/tilly.babii